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Catherine and Mark Ruby, a young couple who live in Gilbert, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona, decide to host two Japanese mentally disabled teenagers in their home for several months. This proves to be a special adventure for the Rubys as well as their guests.
『Host Town』
On June of this year, in Dublin the capital city of Ireland, people who have mental disabilities met to compete in athletics where the world summer event of the 11th Special Olympic Games was held....
At the 2005 Special Olympics World Winter Games in Nagano, a film crew of nine made their debut as part of the media. A crew of intellectually disabled people filmed athletes with intellectual disabilities. This feat, implausible to those who do not know them, all began with believing.
『幸せの太鼓を響かせて』 INCLUSION
There can be a place for people with intellectual disabilities, not in institutions, but in local communities. This approach is starting to be implemented as an ideal model in Japan.
『Challenged』 チャレンジド
The members of the “Zuiho Daiko (drums)” group, based in Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan, are professional drummers who happen to have intellectual disabilities. They belong to an advanced welfare organization that was one of the first to abolish the more typical large facilities that had formerly housed and sheltered persons with intellectual disabilities. Now, the group’s members live in small group homes or with their own families, which are established in the local community.