About the Special Guests

Kyoko Iwasaki

Iwasaki won a Gold Medal in the 200-meter breast stroke at the 2000 Barcelona Olympics, age the age of 14. She currently teaches children to swim and participates in the Special Olympics swimming program.

Naomi Ushiyama

Ushiyama is a pioneer among Japanese professional snowboarders. From 1991, she has played in many World Cup championships as a member of the independent team, I.S.T. In 1992, she became the first Japanese to place in the Top Ten ranking of the World Cup. Currently, she coaches and remains active.

Sumiyo Tsuzuki

A mountain climber and journalist. In 1996, she joined the American I-Max film crew in an attempt to scale Mt. Everest. In 1998, she succeeded in climbing the mountain, becoming the third Japanese woman to climb it.

Megumi Abe

A former CBC announcer.


Born in Hawaii, he is a former Ozeki sumo champion. His lively personality made him extremely popular, but he retired in 1997. He remains active in the sports and entertainment fields and is known for his volunteer work.

Chie Konishiki

Konishiki's wife.